Olive washings


• Capacity from 80.000 to 90.000 kg per hour.
• Resistant construction.
• Scroll rotation by wheel bearings.
• A re-covered conveyor belt of a steel rod and one of PVC to the evacuation of the cleaning olive.
• Pulverization showers for the rinse cycle.
• Consumption of a motor pump of 12,5 cv, a gear motor of 2 cv, a double turbine of 6 cv, a gear motor of the conveyor belt of a steel rod of 1cv, a gear motor of a PVC conveyor belt of the cleaning olive exit of 1cv. continuous and a mud elimination gear motor of 1 cv discontinuous.


• Do not get moving parts, so the fruit is not damaged.
• It gets two cycles of washing in series.
• Dripped through two steel rod conveyor belts.
• Rinse cycle through two pulverization showers.
• Drying tunnel with double turbine of high pressure.
• Automatic mud elimination.
• Weight of 3.760 kg.

Note: The manufacturer saves the possibility to modifier whatever machine specification, without the necessity of prior notice. Without this involves a reclamation from the customer.