1. Objective and acceptance.

The current warning regulates the use of our website, of which is owner ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L. The navigation by the website of ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMÍREZ E HIJOS, S.L attributes the user´s condition and implicates the whole acceptance and without discretion of each of the included disposition in this Legal Warning, which it is possible to suffer some modifications. You are obligated to make a good use of the website related to the approval with the law, the good faith, the public order, the traffic uses and the current Legal Warning. You will respond to ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L or to the thirds of any of the damages or prejudices which could be caused as a consequence of unfulfilment of said obligation.

  1. Identification and communications.

IDELFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L in compliance with the Law 34/2002, of 22 July, of services of information´s society and electronic business, it informs you that:

  • Its legal name is: ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L
  • Its CIF is: B23249543.
  • Its legal address is: DE CAZORLA, S/N. APTO 44 – (23100) MANCHA REAL

To communicate with us, we provide you different means of communication, which are specified in the privacy policy.

All of the notifications and communications which you will make with ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L they will be considerate effective, in all of the effects, if and then, these are made by the means specified above.

  1. Access conditions and use.

The website and its services are freely accessible, nonetheless, ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L conditions the use of some offered services in its website to the previous completion of the corresponding form.

You guarantee the authenticity and currently of all data which communicate to ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L and you will the only responsible of the false or inexact manifestations which you make.

You expressly commit to make a good use of the contents and services of ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L apart from not employing them to:

  • Diffuse criminal, violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic, offensive, of apology of terrorism, or in, general, contrary to the law or public order contents.
  • Introduce in the website any informatics virus or make sensitive actions of altering, destroying, interrupting, or generating errors or damages in the electronic documents, physics and logic data or systems of ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L or even of third people; as well as obstructing the access of other users to the website and to it services through the massive consume of the informatics resources through which ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L provides its services.
  • Try to access information of other people or restricted areas of the informatics systems of ILDELFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L or of thirds, and in this case, extract information.
  • Infringe the intellectual property or industrial rights, as well as infringing the confidentiality of the information of ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L, or even of thirds.
  • Alter the identity of other user, of public administrations or even of a third.
  • Reproduce, copy, distribute, put in disposition or in any other way publicly communicate, transform or modify the contents, unless you are authorized by the titular of the corresponding rights or even it is legally allowed.
  • Gather pieces of information with an advertising aim and in order to send publicity of any kind and communications with the aim of sale and other commercial nature without you prior request or consent.

All of the contents of this website, as text, photos, graphics, images, icons, technology, software as well as the graphic design and the source code, contribute a work whose property belong to ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L without any of the exploitation rights being understood as assigned over them beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the web.

Definitely, you, who access to this website, can see the contents and complete, in its case, authorized private copies, if and when, the reproduced elements are not transferred to thirds later, neither it install to connected serves to webs, nor be object of any type of exploitation.

Additionally, any kind of all brands, commercial names, distinctive signs which appear in the website, all of them are property of ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L without this can be understood that the use or the access to this, attributes you the right over them.

The public distribution, modification, cession, or communication of the contents and any other kind of act which has not been expressly authorized by the titular of the exploitation rights will be prohibited.

The establishment of a hyperlink does not imply, in any case, the existence of relationships between ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L and the owner of the website in which it is established, neither the acceptation nor approval in part of ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L of its contents and services.

Those people who propose the establishment of a hyperlink, first they have to apply a written permission to ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L. In any case, the hyperlink only allows the access to the home-page of our website, as well as you will have to abstain for doing false, inexistent, incorrect manifestations or indications about ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L or even include illicit contents, contrary to the good habits and to the public order.

ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L is not responsible of the use which each user does to the materials put in disposition in our website, neither of the actions which you make in the base of them.

  1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility.

ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L excludes, to the extent permitted by the law, any kind of liability of damages of:

  • The impossibility of the access to the website or the shortage of veracity, exactitude, exhaustively and/or the currently of the contents, as well as the existence of vices and defects of all kind of transmitted, diffused, kept and put in disposition contents, to those which have accessed through the website or of the offered services.
  • The presence of virus or other elements in the contents which can reproduce alterations in the users´ informatics systems, electronic documents or information.
  • The unfulfilment of the laws, the good faith, the public order, the uses of traffic and the current legal warning as a consequence of the incorrect use of the website. In particular, in an example manner, ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L will not be responsible of the third people´s acts which infringe the intellectual and industry property policy, business secrets, right to honour, personal and familiar privacy, and to the own image, as the same manner the normative of the subject disloyal, public and illicit competence.

Definitely, ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L declines any responsibility respect to the information which is outside of the website and which is not directly managed by our webmaster. The function of the links which appear in this website is exclusively that of informing the users about the existence of other suitable sources for increasing the offered contents in this website. ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L does not guarantee neither be responsible to the functioning or accessibility to the connected sites; nor suggests, invites, recommends the view to them; so neither is responsible of the got result. ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS,S.L is not responsible to the establishment of hyperlinks by the thirds part.

  1. Process in the case of the realization of just activities.

In the case that you or other person consider that exist events or circumstances which reveal the just character of the utilization of any content and/ or the realization of any of the activities in the website or accessible through this website, you will have to get in contact with ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L, identifying yourself, and specifying the supposed infractions and expressly declaring under your responsibility that the provided information is exact.

For any litigious matter that concerns the website of ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L it will apply the Spanish legislation, being competent the Courts and the closest Headquarters of Spain.

  1. Publications

The facilitated administrative information through the website does not substitute the legal publicity of the laws, regulations, plans, general dispositions and acts which have to be formally public in the official newspaper of the public administrations, which are the only instrument that gives faith of its authenticity and content. The available information in this website should be understood as a guide without an intention of legal validity.