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First edition of the course of master and operator of olive mill

Ildefonso Rosa Ramírez e Hijos, S.L. –JAR- cooperates with AEMODA and Centro de Interpretación Olivar y Aceite en la FIRST EDITION OF THE COURSE OF MASTER AND OPERATOR OF OLIVE MILL which will be celebrated during the days 16, 17, 23 and 24 of June in the Olive and Oil Interpretation Center in Úbeda (Jaén).

Our commercial technics Juan Manuel Gutierrez and Alfonso Molino will be responsible for instructing about aspects concerning with the reception patio of olive to be done the day 23 during the morning.

On that session will be instructed about the necessary equipment depending of the production, hoppers of reception, general mechanics, of the patio equipment, discontinuous totalizers according to the legal metrology.

A course with a theory part and a practice one which are orientated to the olive-grower and contribute to your professionalization.

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XIX Feria del Olivo de Montoro

It comes back the Feria del Olivo de Montoro in its XIX edition which will be celebrated between 16 and 19 of May of 2018 in its habitual ubication in the enclosed area of Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero.

ILDEFONSO ROSA RAMIREZ E HIJOS, S.L. – JAR – will be presented to show the products for the OLIVE CLEANING, OLIVE WASHING, STEMMERING, DISCONTINUOUS AUTOMATIC WEIGHING JUST US THE LEGAL METROLOGY (METEGAL) which are regarding in a demanding market which demand equipment with the highest quality.

We invite all the olive-grower sector to accompany us in the Stand exterior 4C in which our commercial staff will be at your disposal to clarify how many matters which can be presented as well as they offer you the best solution to your patio in the reception of the olive.

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II National congress of master and operator of olive mills

Ildefonso Rosa Ramírez e Hijos, S.L. -JAR- will attend the next 21 of April to the second congress of master and operator of olive mills which will be celebrated in the Congress Palace of Jaén as a member of the society of AEMODA.

Participating as exhibitors, our staff can advice about our fabricated items for patios of reception of olive and Legal Metrology.

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